Internet Enabled Data Logger

My sophmore year in college I did an independent study to create a data logger that could function like a normal data logger, or, post the conents of the logger to the internet. This would allow someone to watch the results of a long-term experiment from any computer with internet access rather than having to be on-site to monitor the experiment.

(Limited) Details

A Basic Stamp 2 was used in conjunction with ADCs and other external circuitry to record data. The data logger could be connected to a computer via a serial port. The host PC could then read the data from the Basic Stamp 2 and post it to the internet. The software running on the PC was written in Visual Basic (Uck…) and implemented a very trimmed down web server to post the results so that they could be viewed using a standard web browser.


All in all, the project was relatively straightforward. It was a good intro to a simple embeded system and I got 3 credits from it, which I can’t complain about. The schematics and source code have been lost in the clutter of my room…

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